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Doubleclick For Sale, And GoogleClick Coming Soon

By: Pat McCarthy

As the WSJ reports, apparently DoubleClick is looking for suitors, and Microsoft is one who is rumored to be interested.

Its hard to know if that would be a great move for Microsoft or not. There are so many moving advertising parts at each company its tough to analyze.

Immediately focus turns on what this means for Google, and John Battelle brings up the notion of GoogleClick, Googles entry into the third-party ad serving space with which he ends it by just saying More Soon.

Ive been hearing rumors from various places for month that Google already has an ad serving product in private beta being tested with a few publishers, but that theyre out trying to get other top publishers to try it out. While I dont know exact details, Ive heard rumors that its free and would be subsidized by making Adsense the default for unsold (remnant) impressions. Interesting, sounds a lot like RMX Direct, except without the benefit of being able to have a whole exchange as well as Adsense or others as your option for unsold impressions.

I think well hear a lot more about this in Q2.


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About the Author:
Pat is the Director of Business Development at Right Media, the business unit owner for RMX Direct, and the author of the Conversion Rater blog.

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